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Why are 1st dates soooo baddddd for me ??


I just got back home from going on this date with this guy I met through a friend and it was so painfully bad. 

So he decided for our date to go watch a movie, which I hate for 1st dates because you are literally sitting next to someone you don’t really know in the dark and you can’t  really talk so its like awkward side eye glances to see if there staring at you or not. Then he keep trying to talk to me and in my head I was like please don’t lol. I just want for once for a guy to be a little bit more original when it comes to dating, like I don’t get it why its so hard.  If a guy said to me ” hey lets go to the aquarium bring your camera, and maybe we can get drinks afterwards?” or  ”do you want to go see this art gallery downtown” this would be a 99% panty dropper.  

But anyways, so then when the movie was over we began to talk in the car and he just asked the standard date questions, “So what do you do?” “When was your last relationship?”“What do you like to do for fun?” (I was trying so hard to not assassinate him with my sarcasm)

I get it, your trying to get to know someone, but you don’t need to shower the conversation with questions. Just have a normal conversation, give me some intellectual dialogue instead of making our date a job interview. 

There was so much more that was worst like when he told me his whole workout regimen and told me why he doesn’t like to date black girls just mixed girls( yes he really said this) lol AND even asked me what my favorite sex position was.This was the date from HELL. 

But yea I’m gonna go to sleep just had to rant about how bad this date was.  Goodnight y’all.